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Preaching to the Choir

We are occasionally complimented on our editorials, which makes us feel good, but we are obliged to point out that we have the good fortune to own the magazine, which makes it easier to say things an... Full story

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Small Vessel Ballast Water Treatment

The small vessel operator that must install a ballast water treatment system has little choice other than a handful of 'compact' versions of systems developed for large ocean going ships. One... Full story

Port of Portland Handling Containers Again

Weekly container service resumed at the Port of Portland's Terminal 6 in January with the inaugural call of the 4,360-TEU Qingdao operated by the South Korea-based carrier SM Line. The 52,326-dwt... Full story

West Coast Yards Delivering Diverse Projects

The strength of West Coast shipyards is their ability to evolve, diversify and deliver state-of-the-art vessels. Whether they are constructing and/or repairing military vessels, containerships or... Full story

The New Mate on the Bridge: Artificial Intelligence

It seems every week we read of new developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous vessels, aircraft and vehicles. It is likely that in the time between writing this article and its publication there will have been announcements of new... Full story

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Above Board

In a first of its kind operation, two Tote Maritime Alaska Orca-class ro/ro vessels will be upgraded to LNG while still in service. Midnight...

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Who Is and Who Is Not an Expert Witness?

It is not unusual for each side in a maritime case to offer testimony at trial from an expert witness. An expert witness is a disinterested and unbiased person who, based on education and experience,... Full story

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