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Fair Winds and Following Seas

Marine business for the operations sector. That’s the tag line on the cover of this magazine, and pretty much sums up what we’ve been producing since 1983. The title, Pacific Maritime, narrows...


Cargo Handling: Greener Options for West Coast Ports

Worldwide, port authorities are looking for cleaner ways to handle cargo. The ports on the US West Coast are often at the forefront of that effort – investing millions to develop and demonstrate...


Deck Machinery

Deck lifting and handling equipment continues to evolve, with plenty of unique, purpose-built customization being developed for applications across the commercial maritime spectrum. An in-house...


Diversified Launches Second Tug for Sause Brothers

When Sause Brothers launched the first two 128-foot by 35-foot Mikiona-class tugs in 2006 and 2007, they attracted attention as a 21st century version of the traditional straight shaft boat, designed...


International Ferry Runs Halted

After the US-Canada border was closed to all but essential traffic in March both Blackball Ferry Lines and Clipper Vacations terminated their international services operated by Black Ball's monohull...

Above Board

Shipowners in Norway have made it known that they are working toward the goal of having the Norwegian fleet be completely climate neutral by 2050, and from 2030 on, vessels being ordered will have to be equipped with zero emissions technology....


Cruelty at Sea

Life at sea for seamen a century ago was not like it is today. Physical cruelty and abuse by a ship’s officers occurred far too often. Sometimes, a physically abused seaman sought and won a...

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