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Nichols Brothers Celebrates 50 Years

The Final Yard

At press time, Managing Editor Chris Philips was on vacation, so Publisher Peter Philips penned this month’s editorial. Al Larson Boat Shop has been providing commercial ship and boat repair in San Pedro Bay for more than 110 years. Readers of... Full story

Nichols Brothers Celebrates 50 Years

The first boat produced by the Nichols family was a tugboat. George "Mark" Nichols was an orchardist in Yakima, Washington in the 1930s. His 10-acre apple farm failed during the great depression, and ... Full story

Cargo Handling is a Hot Topic for Ports

As newly built fleets of megaships get ready to set sail, Pacific Coast port operators are scrambling to dramatically increase their productivity and decrease unloading and port turnaround times to... Full story

Palmyra Shipwreck Removal

Even under the best of circumstances, shipwreck removal projects can be difficult undertakings, since there are all kinds of logistics issues that need to be dealt with. But when you add in other... Full story

Deck Machinery

When it comes to barges and tugboats, what makes for quality deck equipment? What are the attributes and features that make some types of winches, lines and affiliated equipment, as well as deck... Full story

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