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Ocean and Coastal Towing


Last week a subscriber who is a longshoreman at the Port of Los Angeles alerted us to a 9,000-TEU container carrier that was “yellow flagged” because of a gypsy moth infestation discovered by US Customs and Border Protection agents. Not to... Full story

Ocean and Coastal Towing

The ocean and coastal towing sector on the West Coast is usually seen as the rather routine business of moving barges, plus the occasional dead ship, coastwise and to and from the 49th and 50th... Full story

Fireboat Business Heats Up in the Northwest

Fireboats have been a vital part of waterfront security on the West Coast since the late 1800's when the long, slender vessels of that era were driven by a single steam engine. By the 1920's,... Full story

Information Technology and Marine Software

As technology continues to advance, maritime software companies are adapting their products to the demands of today's generation of mariners, longshoremen and naval architects. From programs that... Full story

Europe is Breaking the Egg

We may soon be able to retire the tiresome “chicken and egg” cliché to describe LNG development, since there has been movement in the last year in Europe and the United States that indicates the circle may be breaking; but it’s too soon to... Full story

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