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Offshore and Coastal Towing

Zone Violations

Here are some ways you can help the Coast Guard do their job: Run safety drills. Keep your equipment maintained and your charts up to date. If you have small watercraft like canoes, kayaks or... Full story

Offshore and Coastal Towing

The towing industry has been playing second fiddle to the ship assist and escort sectors for many years as new propulsion technologies have been introduced to the latter, including azimuthing and... Full story

Totem Ocean: Built for Alaska

On September 10, 1975, the S/S Great Land completed Totem Ocean's inaugural voyage across the Gulf of Alaska, establishing a new, critical link between the ports of Tacoma and Anchorage. This year,... Full story

Puget Sound Regional Report

From Eastern Washington grain and produce to Aerospace, oil and containerized cargo, Puget Sound ports serve much of the West Coast and much of the inland west. Although each port has its niche... Full story

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