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West Coast Pilots: New Ships, Old Challenges


The US Senate has once again blocked the final permit allowing the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline. I heard the news in Hong Kong, where I was attending the fourth annual Asian Logistics and... Full story

West Coast Pilots: New Ships, Old Challenges

Pilots have been shepherding vessels in and out of harbors for centuries, but overall the job hasn't changed much. Hazards that have existed for millennia are still around. Most still have to face... Full story

Bay Area Ports Offer Diversity and Cooperation

The five seaports in the San Francisco Bay Area may be overshadowed in the public eye by their two massive competitors in Southern California, but that doesn't mean they're inert or sitting idly by.... Full story

Horizon Selling Assets to Matson, Pasha

Matson Inc. and Horizon Lines announced Nov. 11 that they've entered into a merger agreement under which Matson will acquire the stock of Horizon, including its Alaska operations and the assumption... Full story

New Towing Winch Design

More than a decade ago, Seattle-based Western Towboat Co. purchased a new towing winch from another Seattle-based company, equipment developer Rapp Marine (formerly Rapp Hydema), for a new tugboat... Full story

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