Pacific Maritime Magazine - Marine Business for the Operations Sector

By Chris Philips
Managing Editor 

Fair Winds and Following Seas


July 1, 2020

Marine business for the operations sector. That’s the tag line on the cover of this magazine, and pretty much sums up what we’ve been producing since 1983. The title, Pacific Maritime, narrows the focus, and the fact that it’s written in English localizes it even further. Open any issue to any page and it’s pretty clear what we do and for whom we do it.

My father, Richard H. Philips, started the magazine in 1983. He hired my brother, Peter in 1985 and I joined in 1992. My dad, who was the publisher and editor, passed away in August of 1999 and Peter and I took over – Peter as publisher and me as editor.

As an advocate for the US west coast commercial maritime industry, our mandate has been pretty clear. We not only inherited the magazine, we also inherited the reputation of the magazine our father had established as one of accuracy and evenhandedness. We have endeavored to maintain that reputation over the past 20 years, and have been successful thanks to the loyalty of our readers, the quality of our contributors and the skills of our production department.

Shortly after Peter and I took over we expanded the business, purchasing a sister commercial fishing publication. We also began producing conferences as a supplement to the two publications. The maritime and fishing industries don’t follow the same business cycles, so that diversity of publications, as well as the conferences, gave us the ability to weather dry spells.

We have paid subscribers (thank you) but our subscription revenues don’t cover the physical production and mailing of the magazine. The success of our business model has always depended on the advertising that appears within the magazine in combination with revenues generated from our conferences.

Field Marshal Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke is credited with having said that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. This is a paraphrase – it’s much longer in German.

As prepared as we thought we were to weather cyclical economic cycles, our plans didn’t include a four-month (to date) lockdown of the entire west coast. We have had to cancel five of the six conferences we had scheduled for 2020.

Because of the lack of clarity on government restrictions moving forward (at press time, for example, much of the State of Washington was still locked down in phase 1 for the foreseeable future), Peter and I have taken the difficult decision to suspend publication of Pacific Maritime Magazine. We wish all of our readers, advertisers, contributors and industry friends all the best.

Correction: Jacob Crawford, Port of Los Angeles Pilot, pointed out that in our June issue we incorrectly listed the MSC Anna as the biggest ship to visit the west coast. Captain Crawford notes that it was the MSC Mia, at 399 by 62 meters and 19,7500-grt, and it called Los Angeles as well as Long Beach.

Thank you Captain Crawford, and the rest of our faithful subscribers, advertisers and contributors for keeping us on course over the past 37 years- Chris.

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