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February 1, 2019

Mercy Ships Canada has a new CEO, who has a wealth of experience in humanitarian endeavors and human rights. Jamie McIntosh will be based in Ontario and work with Interim National Director Darryl Anderson during the transition and McIntosh will also carry on the work of long-time National Director Tim Maloney. McIntosh is keenly aware, from his own experience, that there is an overwhelmingly massive need for global surgery and healthcare.

Deadly Disasters and Other Incidents

In Germany, a wicked storm in the North Sea was the culprit that sent 270 containers spilling overboard from the MSC Zoe, which has a capacity of 19,200 TEUs. Ships in the area were warned to be on the lookout for loose containers in the waters around Bremerhaven, particularly since some containers had hazardous cargo on board.

In the Port of Vancouver, BC, two North Arm Transportation barges ended up colliding with several structures in Coal Harbor after breaking free of their moorings. A portion of the Harbor Air terminal was damaged, as was part of a restaurant patio in addition to two yachts. At time of writing, it was unclear how the vessels became adrift. Reportedly more than $1 million in damages was tallied.

A US Navy helicopter crew happened to be in the right place at the right time in order to help with a marine accident. They were in the midst of performing routine operations near Jekyll Creek, Georgia, when they watched as the Miss Addison tug capsized and sank. They quickly switched into rescue mode and called in the Coast Guard who got the four crew to safety.

Local area New York Coast Guard and other response personnel got involved in helping ensure a fire was out aboard the Amber Bay asphalt carrier after it had radioed in that the 479-foot vessel had an engine room fire. The on-board fire suppression system was activated, which helped extinguish the flames, but first responders checked it out for good measure. All 22 crew were safe.

Piracy Pulse

Near Lagos, Nigeria Secure Anchorage Area a group of bandits were thwarted by a product tanker’s alert crew after the would-be thieves tried to board the anchored vessel using hooks and ropes. The Nigerian Navy was called in to support, however, the sounding of an alarm was enough to send the robbers packing.

In the same area in Nigeria, a couple of would-be stealth robbers thought they could easily steal cargo during STS operations aboard an anchored tanker. While they attempted to attach hoses to ports in the forward cargo tanks, the crew spotted them and sounded the alarm. Very quickly, it was game over for the intruders.

At Cartagena Inner Anchorage, Colombia, three marauders were able to get aboard a container vessel at anchor and take off with some ship’s properties, despite evasive action with the alarm being raised and crew locking themselves away inside the accommodation.

Odds and Ends

BC Ferries has committed to spending a lot of cash in the local economy as it continues ramping up its annual vessel maintenance plans. At least 17 vessels will need servicing; some of the work started last fall. Many BC marine entities that will benefit from various contracts include Point Hope Shipyard, Esquimalt Drydock, Vancouver Drydock, Meridian Marine, 3GA Marine, and more. Total capital expenditure is expected to come in around $57 million.

Prince Rupert’s Fairview Container Terminal reportedly handled its millionth TEU in one calendar year back in December of 2018. The one-millionth container was loaded on the COSCO Africa amid celebrations held with several ILWU members and various supply chain representatives.

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