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July 1, 2018

Apparently there’s a new tourist attraction in the Maldives for those confident enough to have a submarine pilot take them on an hour-long voyage under water. The DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S is a three-person, eight-meter craft that can give adventure-seekers a close-up look at coral, and pass through throngs of multi-colored fish at depths of up to 37 meters. Equipped with low emission technology, the battery-operated sub has the ability to jet to the surface, should a power failure occur.

Deadly Disasters and Other Incidents

Near Chacahua Bay, Oaxaca, Mexico, a fire broke out aboard the tuna vessel Adriana M, sending the 24-person crew scrambling into lifeboats after sending out a distress call. Luckily, a tanker in the area was able to safely retrieve all crew. There were reportedly no injuries sustained in the incident.

Quick response from nearby vessels prevented five crew suffering from hypothermia from coming to more harm after the Roping the Wind fishing vessel ran aground in Hardy’s Channel in Canada’s Prince Edward Island, while going out to set lobster traps. Three crew were able to stay on board the vessel, while two others ended up in the water after stormy weather made it impossible for the five crew to refloat the boat.

In New York, near Bridgehampton, the tanker Tofteviken ended up in a collision with the Polaris fishing vessel. The Tofteviken was enroute to New York when the incident occurred, leaving the vessel damage to its portside hull. The Polaris suffered damage to its bow but all crew aboard both ships were not injured.

A crewmember had to be evacuated from Stolt Perseverance chemical tanker in the vicinity of Freeport, Texas, after being burned during a venting steam operation.

Reportedly, the crew of the Jack Daniel ro/ro ferry made some navigational errors that resulted in the passenger vessel running aground on a coral reef near Barangay Rawis, Albay, Philippines. Apparently, no one was injured in the incident.

Two containerships collided in Kobe, Japan near Rokko Island. The SITC Osaka was damaged on its port stern. The NHYK Venus was not damaged and was able to continue on its route. However, a few days later, a fire broke out aboard SITC Osaka’s stern section, damaging a number of containers, but no one was hurt in the blaze.

Piracy Pulse

In Nigeria, near South of Brass, a brazen group of six would-be thieves were able to get a ladder hooked on a bulk carrier that was underway. But the savvy Master undertook evasive maneuvers, raised the alarm, and the band had to leave their ladder behind and speed off.

Another large group of pirates tried to outwit crew aboard a bulk carrier in Chittagong Alpha Anchorage, Bangladesh. A rope and a hook were their tools of choice, but the attempt to get onto the vessel was thwarted after the crew raised the alarm, leaving the seven bandits to take off empty-handed.

In Indonesia, at Tanjung Uban Anchorage, a stealth group of marauders were able to board a product tanker and make off with a loot of ship properties.

A Duty AB on an anchored bulk carrier at Muara Berau Anchorage, Samarinda, Indonesia, came across a pirate attempting to remove the protection cover of the hawse pipe. The alarm was subsequently sounded and all who were trying to board the ship were sent packing with nothing to show for their efforts.

Odds and Ends

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority recently received a $55.8 million injection of federal funds to help increase trade through the Lower Mainland, and nationally, as well as address much-needed work in the area of road and rail infrastructure.

UK-based SeaWays Global recently became Seaspan Marine’s new training service partner for competency-based tug simulation and ship escort, towing and other marine training initiatives. The five-year contract between the two companies will see the addition of a both live vessel and simulation training programs to aid in Seaspan’s mission to increase safety and environmental performance.


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