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December 1, 2017

Shore power has become a reality at the Port of Montreal, Canada. The two-phase $11 million undertaking was completed in August of this year. The new facilities enable ships that need to winter at the Port as well as cruise ships to have access to the grid, helping to reduce an estimated 2,800 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Deadly Disasters and Other Incidents

A crewman suffering burns to his arms and legs after a boiler steam accident aboard the bulker Tawa Arrow, had to be medevaced by a Coast Guard Sector Columbia River helicopter.

An unfortunate chain of events that included bad weather conditions and heavy seas, prevented a seriously-injured crewman from being evacuated from the bulk carrier M/V Grand Amanda that was transiting off South Africa at the time of the incident. The man, who had sustained injuries to his legs and thighs, was given treatment aboard, but the distance and inclement weather hampered a helicopter rescue, as well as a subsequent boarding of paramedics, and the man died.

Near Odessa, Ukraine, the bulk carrier Conquistador allided with a quay while trying to berth, after arriving with a load of coal. The ship incurred a bow dent and the quay sustained minor damage.

There were no reports of injuries after the Quan Hai 88 cargo vessel grounded in the Taiwan Strait off Quanzhou, China. The vessel listed to port after it struck rocks and sustained hull damage.

A crewmember aboard the Delsa bulk carrier transiting near Cold Bay, Alaska, had to be medevaced after falling 20 feet from a scaffolding.

Piracy Pulse

In the Singapore Straits, a group of five bandits boarded an unmanned rig towed by a tug but were thwarted in their mission by the Master who raised the alarm and called for help.

Two thieves brandishing knives got onboard an anchored tanker at Puerto La Cruz Anchorage, Venezuela, but were unable to get their hands on any items after the alert crew sent them packing.

In Puerto Jose Anchorage, Venezuela, ship’s stores were taken by a group of robbers who had tied up the AB so they could get at the stash before other crew realized what was happening.

At Muara Berau, Samarinda Inner Anchorage, Indonesia, two pirates carrying knives, stealthily climbed the anchor chain of an anchored bulk carrier. The pair were able to steal ship properties after threatening the Duty AB, who subsequently raised the alarm.

Odds and Ends

Initiating the use of LNG-fueled ferries at Carnival Corp is bringing new training to the masters and crew who will serve on the newest ships in the fleet, starting with Costa Cruises’ Costa Smeralda, expected to begin service in October 2019. The training will take place at the Center for Simulator Marine Training (CSMART) Academy in the Netherlands, run by Carnival Corp. The curriculum is being developed by a partnership between Carnival, Meyer Werft, and MaK Caterpillar.

Viking Cruises is ushering in a new technology era by undertaking to build what’s being touted as the first cruise ship of its kind to run on liquid hydrogen. The yet-to-be-built, unnamed vessel is expected to carry approximately 500 crew and 900 passengers, and its design will mirror that of the brand’s existing cruise ships.

Cruising the Northwest Passage with a smaller vessel made for the ice is the new initiative of Crystal Cruises which is replacing its larger, 1,000-passenger Crystal Serenity with the forthcoming Crystal Endeavor to be delivered in the summer of 2018. Billed as the first megayacht to be built to the Polar Code, the ship will accommodate 200 passengers and boast 100 guest suites.

An Astrolabe, an ancient navigational instrument, has been found in the wreckage of the Esmeralda, a Portuguese vessel that sank in the Indian Ocean in 1503. Made of bronze, the small disc bears the Portuguese coat of arms, and once enabled seafarers to calculate their location based on the sun’s height above the horizon at midday.

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