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October 1, 2017

Hapag-Lloyd’s recent merging with UASC will see newbuilding orders stop for the foreseeable future. The company reportedly has stated that it has enough vessels to meet economies of scale and realize market growth opportunities with its combined current fleet.

Deadly Disasters and Other Incidents

The Leonardo, a cargo ship at anchor off the coast of Kilyos, Turkey, broke apart and 11 crewmembers had to be rescued by a number of ships dispatched by Turkey’s General Directorate of Coastal Safety. Reportedly, one half of the Leonardo began sinking, while the other half was towed toward land.

An explosion at the STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Shipyard in South Korea took the lives of four workers who were painting inside the tank of an under-construction oil tanker.

Two crewmembers were stabbed by another crewperson aboard the Billy B fishing vessel as it plied the waters off the Alabama coast. The Coast Guard used a cutter and a helicopter to evacuate the injured and get them to hospital in Florida.

In Bizerte, Tunis, the Mercy general cargo ship drifted and subsequently allided with the Bizerte drawbridge on Bizerte Channel after breaking free of her moorings. Reportedly the drawbridge did not sustain any damage. The vessel was detained for inspection.

A car carrier bound for Panama from Hamilton Port, Bermuda was late starting her voyage after one of her tug tow lines broke. The Viking Sea ended up hitting the berth via her stern, but was able to resume her voyage the next day.

Two mechanical failures, one involving electronics, another involving a rudder, contributed to the Kamelia cargo ship hitting a quay via its Bulbous bow in Szczecin, Poland. As a result, two tugs had to help safely maneuver the large vessel to her berth.

Piracy Pulse

A duty oiler was threatened with a knife after two pirates got aboard a bulk carrier underway near Pulau Nipah, Indonesia. The intended thieves had gotten into the steering gear room but were thwarted by the oiler who was subsequently able to inform the third engineer and following, the Master raised the alarm.

In the Philippines, near Manila South Harbour Anchorage, two would-be robbers were unable to carry out their mission aboard an anchored containership. They tried to open the cover of the starboard hawse pipe to gain entry onto the vessel, but the crew were able to raise the alarm and send them packing.

A single pirate was able to take off with ship properties after stealthily getting aboard an anchored LPG tanker in Takoradi Anchorage, Ghana. Once the alarm was sounded, he escaped into a waiting vessel by jumping overboard.

Odds and Ends

Spectrum of the Seas is the newest mega cruise ship under construction for Royal Caribbean. The forthcoming vessel has been designated a new class – Quantum Ultra ship – and is geared for the Asia-Pacific market. The ship will carry approximately 4,200 passengers and is expected to be ready to enter service in 2019.

innogy energy company* and SerEnergy have partnered to provide the German passenger vessel MS innogy with methanol fuel cells. The hybrid fuel cell and battery pack enable the ship to sail without refueling for an entire day. Waste heat is also utilized to provide electrical efficiency. Reportedly, the system provides very low noise and vibration and emits no harmful emissions.

Summer 2018 is the expected in-service date for BC Ferries’ recently-acquired vessel that will run on the new Port Hardy to Bella Coola route. The previously-named Aqua Spirit, now Northern Sea Wolf, was originally built in 2000, and will be able to carry 35 vehicles and accommodate 150 passengers and crew. When she arrives from Greece this fall, she will undergo a series of upgrades before embarking on her new voyages along BC’s Inside Passage.

*innogy deliberately spells its name with no capital letters.

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