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June 1, 2017

Piracy incidents took a downturn in 2016, according to reports received by the International Maritime Organization. A reduction in incidents of approximately 29 percent occurred from 2015 to 2016 globally, while there was an 85 percent reduction of piracy and armed robbery reported incidents in the Malacca Straits.

Deadly Disasters and Other Incidents

In New York, a man’s arm was severed below the elbow when he tried to secure a line from the Mister T tug to a barge. Luckily a policeman from the NYPD’s Harbor unit was able to help stop the bleeding before first responders transported the man to hospital.

Fog and low visibility were apparently responsible for a collision between the livestock carrier Youzarsif H and a Russian military vessel near the Bosporus strait. The Liman military vessel sank as a result of the incident but all 78 crew aboard were safely rescued.

In South Africa, a potential stowaway who tried to climb aboard the berthed MI Harmony bulk carrier late at night had one of his hands crushed in the vessel’s hawse pipe.

Five people who tried to help extinguish a sulfur mound fire at Port Manatee in Florida ended up going to hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation.

In Italy, four people were swept to their deaths after their 50-foot sailing yacht Dipiù was caught in a storm and ended up crashing into jetty rocks near the port of Rimini. Reportedly the vessel lost propulsion on approach to the Harbor. Two crew survived.

In Wisconsin, a young Fraser Shipyards employee recently passed away from burn injuries he sustained earlier this year while working on a moored Great Lakes freighter that was being repaired over the winter.

Piracy Pulse

In the Philippines, near Sibago Island, a band of six robbers armed with rifles, boarded a tug that was towing a ro/ro vessel, and took off with some of the goods aboard. During the frantic, overt operation, they also kidnapped two of the crew, but thankfully local authorities were able to rescue them from the clutches of the marauders.

In Nigeria, fast action that involved evasive maneuvers, thwarted a pirate attack on a tanker, despite the nine desperados who fired on the vessel as they approached.

Near Nishtun, Yemen, an anchored product tanker crew spent an agonizing time trying to evade six would-be thieves who fired on the vessel and tried to board it numerous times. Finally, the bandits gave up and moved off elsewhere.

Odds and Ends

The lengthy vessel fire that recently damaged the MSC Daniela is believed to have been caused by mistakes in declaring hazardous cargo, according to the Mediterranean Shipping Company. The vessel, which was enroute to Port Said from Singapore at the time of the incident, had to be diverted to Colombo, where responding vessels fought the flames for more than 12 hours.

Norwegian Cruise Line is the latest on-water vacation conglomerate to introduce the use of uniformed lifeguards aboard its cruise ships. Every vessel in the fleet will now have lifeguards monitoring family pools to ensure the safety of all, particularly children. The four largest ships in the fleet will begin the service during the summer of 2017, while the rest will get their lifeguard complement in due course by early next year.

Canada’s cruise ship season across the country is continuing to increase, according to a study, titled The Economic Contribution of the International Cruise Industry in Canada 2016. Direct and indirect spending has helped boost the economy to the tune of $3.2 billion, an increase of 34 percent over the past four years. In addition, a 14 percent single-year growth is projected for 2017.

What’s being touted as the world’s most powerful Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) is to be equipped with engine and propulsion machinery from Wärtsilä. The new CSD is also apparently the world’s first of its kind to be fueled by LNG. The Spartacus is expected to enter into service in 2019.


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