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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has a website for kids that gives out information about the shipping industry, ways the industry is working to protect the atmosphere and the world’s oceans, explains types of vessels, and more. The website can be found at:

Deadly Disasters and Other Incidents

An undocking accident at a naval Shipyard in Mumbai, India, resulted in the deaths of two mariners and injuries to 14 other people, after the navy frigate Betwa inadvertently tipped onto its side.

In Alaska, near Adak, during stormy weather, a man who suffered injuries to one of his legs aboard the cargo vessel Tianjin Pioneer, had to be medevaced by a Coast Guard helicopter.

An engine room fire broke out aboard the Antaios bulk carrier while on its way to South Africa from Argentina. As a result, the vessel began taking on water and 19 crewmembers had to be rescued.

The FT Foce product tanker suffered engine failure while trying to leave port near Ceuta, Spain, and hit the Happy Eagle LPG tanker, leaving it with damaged railings and dents along her starboard stern. The Foce incurred damage to her bow.

In Russia, a ferry suffered major damage after it allided with a berth at Kavkaz Port, Kerch Strait while mooring operations were underway. The Nikolay Aksenenko’s hull was breached in several places and had to be taken out of service until repairs were made.

Piracy Pulse

In Venezuela, at Puerto Jose anchorage, two armed bandits who threatened crew with knives, were able to get into an anchored bulk carrier’s ship’s store, and then make a quick getaway.

A rope attached with a hook was the means of boarding an LPG tanker for two robbers who were able to steal stores and escape while the vessel in berthed at Tanjung Priok anchorage in Indonesia.

A piracy attempt was thwarted aboard an anchored tanker in Port Au Prince anchorage, Haiti. Despite the would-be thieves trying to climb aboard using the hawse pipe, the alert crew were successful in raising the alarm which subsequently sent the robbers packing.

Odds and Ends

A $200,000 BC Industrial Marine Project will see the Provincial Government of BC and the Association of British Columbia Marine Industries (ABCMI) partner to assess the economic state of the marine sector and identify growth opportunities to keep BC competitive. The BC Government news release stated: “With an estimated $10 billion in new investment and thousands of new jobs expected by 2020; shipbuilding, ship repair, and industrial marine sector growth is a key part of the BC Jobs Plan.”

A now-derelict historic ferry that once carried passengers across New York’s Hudson River will soon be a distant memory as its collapsing structure is set to be demolished and removed early this year. In her heyday, beginning in 1905 and ending in 1967, the Binghamton, a double-ended, screw-propelled vessel, carried nearly 1,000 passengers as well as a number of vehicles between Manhattan and Hoboken. In a later incarnation, she became a floating restaurant for more than 30 years before the owner decided it was time to retire her for good. Harsh weather, including Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy all but sealed her fate and hastened the end of an era of nostalgic steam ferry boats in the region.


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