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The marine propulsion market is expected to grow substantially as demand for financially-sound and dependable engines increases. Grand View Research, a US-based forecaster, estimates expenditures will top $10.95 billion by 2020.

Deadly Disasters and Other Incidents

Near Galveston, Texas, a man had to be medevaced from the Jupiter Ace oil tanker after he was observed coughing up blood.

Reportedly dense fog conditions in the Suez Canal led to the groundings of the containership Susan Maersk and the bulk carrier Margret Oldendorff.

Four workers died as the result of an explosion during a tanker ship repair project on the 17,957 dwt Palu Sipat at North Sumatra’s Belawan Port.

In Antwerp, toxic gas emanating from Saga Frontier’s cargo hold full of coal killed three dockworkers after they inhaled fumes via a poorly ventilated room they used to transition before exiting to finish their job.

Quick repairs to a faulty engine telegraph used by pilots aboard the LNG carrier Excel had to be carried out after the vessel lost propulsion in Alaska on its route to the ConocoPhilips LNG plant in Nikiski.

Piracy Pulse

In Chittagong Anchorage, Bangladesh, one of four bandits who boarded an anchored containership while carrying a long knife, was able to steal some of the ship’s stores before making his getaway with his conspirators awaiting him in their pirate boat.

Eight pirates attempting to board an anchored bulk carrier in Guinea, south of Conakry, were thwarted by a Duty Able Seaman who spotted them approaching. The crew mustered as the alarm was raised, sending the gang packing.

In a horrific display of violence, a large group of pirates carrying an arsenal of sticks, clubs and machetes, cruelly beat a couple who were sailing their yacht near Baie de Port-a-Piment, Haiti. The robbers broke the fingers and arms of the skipper and severely bruised his wife. Afterward, the raiders took off with various personal items and navigation equipment, while the couple was subsequently hospitalized the following day.

Odds and Ends

A new 100 percent electrically-powered European ferry is set to be built to run on the Aero Island to mainland route in Denmark. The project is a collaboration between Denmark, Norway and Greece and is backed by a €16 million fund provided by the European Union. Apparently the new vessel will be equipped with the largest battery pack of its kind in this application, use wind-source electricity for power and will carry 40 vehicles and 130 passengers.

Wärtsilä’s 50DF marine engine is now ethane-certified and can switch between ethane, LNG, liquid or heavy fuel oil in a seamless manner. The change provides increased fuel efficiency that meets the IMO’s Tier III regulations without the need for secondary emissions cleaning as well as cut down on gas re-liquefication while underway.

Next year will see construction begin on Croatia’s first LNG terminal, with a price tag of approximately €600 million. The facility is expected to be able to service the world’s largest tankers, have a capacity of 4-6 billion cubic meters of gas per year, and enter into operation in 2019.

A man who jumped overboard on purpose from Kaleetan, a Washington State Ferry, was fined $5,000 for interfering with the safe operation of the vessel. He was recovered by ferry crewmembers but suffered multiple injuries.

A major shipwreck find recently occurred in Finland, off the island of Jussarö. The 15th century vessel, which sank in late November 1468, is thought to have nearly 10,000 gold coins amongst other precious trade items such as honey and fabrics in its underwater time capsule. Hanneke Wrome foundered in a storm, and all 200 people aboard were lost.


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