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NATO has decided to continue with the Ocean Shield counter-piracy initiative for at least two more years in the Horn of Africa and across the Indian Ocean. The collective might of NATO and international naval forces has helped deter piracy and reduce its costs in the region, yet the age-old business of waterborne terrorism and robbery still takes a heavy toll on the global economy of approximately $18 billion every year.

Deadly Disasters and Other Incidents

In New Zealand, the master of the Lake Triview cargo vessel was fined for failing to make timely notification to maritime authorities that the vessel had grounded after dragging its anchor.

In London, England nine people were injured, five severely, when the Millennium Diamond tour boat struck the Tower Bridge.

Two ships collided off Algeciras, Gibraltar, leaving the bulk carrier Cape Med with a breached ballast tank and the Le Sheng cargo vessel with a damaged bow.

Fifty-seven passengers were injured in Macao Harbor, China, after the Cacilhas high-speed ferry hit a breakwater.

The master of the cargo vessel Kaisa who was found heavily intoxicated, told police he drank alcohol only after the ship ran aground near the entrance of the Helsingborg port in Sweden.

In Russia the Leonid Lisin cargo vessel was left with a hole in her fore section after colliding with a barge being pushed by the OT-823 tug in the Volga river seaway.

Offshore Onlookers

What’s being touted as the world’s largest liftboat is capable of working to 367 feet with its advanced self-propelled and self-elevating design. The 450-foot three-legged ABS-classed behemoth designed by A.K. Suda, Ltd. will have two deck cranes and room for 250 personnel.

In another industry first, the apparent world’s largest modular basket carousel has been built by Blue Offshore Marine Services. The 5,000-metric-ton unit, which was used to transport and install more than 9 km of flexible pipe for Subsea 7 and its client Statoil in the Norwegian North Sea, can also can be utilized on a number of different kinds of ships and barges because of its modular grillage design.

Piracy Pulse

Eleven of a crew of 23 from the container ship Albedo captured in 2010 gained their freedom after almost four tortuous years at the mercy of Somali pirates near the port of Hobyo.

In Malaysia, a band of pirates transferred oil onto a bunker barge they’d brought alongside a product tanker after taking the master and chief officer hostage and locking the crew in a cabin. After ordering the master to sail to Labuan, the pirates escaped, taking various ship’s properties as well as some cash.

Pirates hijacked and held a product tanker for a week in Ghana, taking off with cargo and much of the crew’s personal effects. At Lome Anchorage, Togo, the crew of an anchored container ship raised the alarm, countering seven robbers who tried to board the ship.

Shipwrecks of Old

The remains of what archaeologists are calling a Byzantine iPad – likely used to calculate the value of certain items on board – have been found in the scattered remains of a ship dating back to the 9th century A.D. which is part of a cluster of more than 37 ancient wrecked ships that have been studied for more than 10 years in the Yenikapi area of Istanbul.

Perfumes from the 2011-found wreck of the Mary Celestia, which sank off Bermuda in 1864, are to be recreated by The Bermuda Perfumery and made available to the public. It’s believed the bottles, which were found in the ship’s bow with some cologne, five bottles of unopened wine, a wooden hairbrush and wooden shoes, were probably being sold into the black market by the crew since the items were banned by the Confederates during the US Civil War.

Odds and Ends

A post-Panamax vessel will be chartered for several months to help train pilots and tug captains before the Third Set of Locks is opened in the Panama Canal in early 2016.

Five of the reportedly world’s largest ro/ro container ships, to be delivered in 2015 and 2016 to Atlantic Container Line, will use the Port of Liverpool as their port of call. The Port is currently being expanded to accommodate the 3,800 TEU vessels, which also have ro/ro space for 764 TEU and room for more than 1,000 cars.

Det Norske Veritas (DNV) classification society celebrates its 150th anniversary together with its first-year anniversary of being merged with Germanischer Lloyd (GL), DNV GL.


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