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Loss of Use Damages: Recoverable or Not?

When a vessel is lost or damaged, the amount recoverable under admiralty law from the party causing the loss or damage may be quite different from what one might expect, particularly with respect to... Full story



How hard can it be to pull a floating object on water with a powered boat? Many towing companies have learned the hard way that it is not as easy as it might appear. A Towing Company’s Liability... Full story


Rescue at Sea

Lately there have been several stories in the news about refugees in overloaded boats on the high seas. There have also been stories about mariners adrift in disabled vessels. Whether the master of... Full story


Admiralty in the US Supreme Court, or Not

The US Supreme Court is in the news nearly every day. But not for having decided an admiralty case. Lately, it has been a rare occurrence for that court to decide an admiralty case. There is no... Full story


Congestion – of the Port Variety

For several months, West Coast ports have suffered work slowdowns. Carriers and cargo owners have attributed the resulting port congestion to the longshore union’s strategy in negotiating a new... Full story


What Happened?

Sometimes courts render decisions that at first seem unfair or perhaps illogical. When given further consideration however, the decisions were usually the right ones. This column reviews two cases... Full story


Finders, but Not Keepers

The ditty “finders keepers, losers weepers” may apply in a schoolyard, but it does not apply at sea. A person finding and salvaging a vessel at sea may not keep it. However, he is entitled to... Full story


Some Mar. Abbrv. Defined

Today’s modern communication methods, including those allowing a limited number of characters in a message, have prompted the frequent use of abbreviations, for example, BTW and OMG. Internationally... Full story


Maritime Law, Quirky Or Not?

Many non-admiralty lawyers and judges have characterized maritime law as “quirky”. On the surface, it may appear that way. But if the truth be known, maritime law makes perfect sense. This column... Full story


No Secrets Allowed

It may not come as a surprise to some, but many people continue to believe it is acceptable, if not desirable, to withhold information when applying for marine insurance. It is neither. Indeed,... Full story


Maritime Law: Sound Off!

Who doesn’t like to walk by a harbor and listen to the cacophony of sounds coming from the vessels passing by? Like the lights on a vessel, the various sounds coming from a vessel’s bell,... Full story


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