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Trade with Alaska: Maritime Transportation Remains Critical to Alaska Economy

Air freight options notwithstanding, ship and barge freight remain the key to millions of dollars in trade of millions of pounds of merchandise between Alaska and the continental ("Lower 48") United... Full story

 By Jim Shaw    Features    October 1, 2015

Bulk & Breakbulk: Smaller ports look at cargo diversification

West Coast ports are awaiting the fallout of China’s financial crisis, which saw the Asian country’s imports fall by 14.3 percent in August compared to a year ago while exports fell by 6.1 percent... Full story


Puget Sound Regional Report

From Eastern Washington grain and produce to Aerospace, oil and containerized cargo, Puget Sound ports serve much of the West Coast and much of the inland west. Although each port has its niche... Full story


Bay Area Ports Offer Diversity and Cooperation

The five seaports in the San Francisco Bay Area may be overshadowed in the public eye by their two massive competitors in Southern California, but that doesn't mean they're inert or sitting idly by.... Full story

 By Jim Shaw    Features    October 1, 2014

California's Smaller Ports Handling Bulk and Breakbulk

California's large ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland are well known for their container handling clout but the Golden State also has a number of smaller ports that are efficient cargo... Full story

 By Jim Shaw    Features    June 1, 2014

Gulf Coast Ports Look Beyond the Box

Ports along the Gulf Coast have been given at least another year to prepare for the opening of new locks at the Panama Canal but events in the shale oil industry may have already blunted the importanc... Full story


West Coast Ports Prepare for the Future

West Coast US ports from California to Alaska find themselves confronting a perfect storm of challenges coming from different directions – challenges that can become opportunities or disasters,... Full story

 By Jim Shaw    Features    October 1, 2013

Bulk and Breakbulk Report: Questions of Crude and Coal

After years of expansion in the container sector investment is now turning to the handling of bulk and breakbulk cargoes along the Pacific Coast, particularly coal and oil. Three coal terminal... Full story

 By Jim Shaw    Features    September 1, 2013

Development at Gulf Coast Ports Surges

Ports along the Gulf Coast of Mexico are continuing to look south to potential new container business to be generated by new locks at the Panama Canal but bulk commodities such as coal, oil and gas... Full story


California’s Southernmost Port, San Diego Turns 50

A sometimes overlooked aspect of the Port of San Diego is also one of the reasons it has been able to sustain itself: the San Diego Bay is somewhat more diverse in usage and operation than that of... Full story


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