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Arctic Routes See Downturn in Transit Traffic

Both the Northwest and Northeast passages have seen an increase in commercial shipping traffic over the past half-decade, thanks to diminishing ice levels, but recent low bunker prices have made the... Full story

 By Jim Shaw    Features    February 1, 2016

Icebreakers – Expanding the World's Fleet

The US needs new icebreakers but they may be a long time in coming. Although President Obama proposed speeding the acquisition and building of new Coast Guard icebreakers during a visit to Alaska... Full story


The Coast Guard Advances its Arctic Readiness in 2015, but Challenges Remain

In 2015, as the United States assumed its two-year chairmanship of the Arctic Council, the high-level intergovernmental forum for the region, the US Coast Guard planned and executed a number of... Full story



Earlier this year, Royal Dutch Shell Plc. announced an end to its Arctic operations, after 10 years and $7 billion, citing, in part, “…the challenging, unpredictable federal regulatory environment in offshore Alaska.” The Shell plan foresaw a... Full story


New Vessel and Tugboat Review

This year's selection of new vessels for West Coast work runs the gamut from big steel ships to small aluminum boats, but all are crucial to the continued success of the West Coast maritime industry... Full story


Above Board

The University of Alaska Anchorage was the setting for the launch of the new Arctic Domain Awareness Center (ADAC). Set up by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Science and Technology Directorate, the organization is expected to help... Full story


Trade with Alaska: Maritime Transportation Remains Critical to Alaska Economy

Air freight options notwithstanding, ship and barge freight remain the key to millions of dollars in trade of millions of pounds of merchandise between Alaska and the continental ("Lower 48") United... Full story


Trade with Hawaii: Growth Marked by New Vessels Entering Hawaii Service

The 10 commercial ports that make up the Hawaii harbor system may never be ready to challenge the major ports on the Mainland as far as traffic volumes go, but they aren't exactly sitting idly by... Full story

 By K    Above Board    October 1, 2015

Above Board

Have questions about news, trends, basic industry terms, ‘how-it’s-done’ or something you’re observing in your own industry sector? Send them to and I’ll do my best to answer them, either by email or in one of my up... Full story


Zone Violations

Here are some ways you can help the Coast Guard do their job: Run safety drills. Keep your equipment maintained and your charts up to date. If you have small watercraft like canoes, kayaks or surfboar... Full story

 By Jim Shaw    Features    September 1, 2015

Offshore and Coastal Towing

The towing industry has been playing second fiddle to the ship assist and escort sectors for many years as new propulsion technologies have been introduced to the latter, including azimuthing and... Full story


Totem Ocean: Built for Alaska

On September 10, 1975, the S/S Great Land completed Totem Ocean's inaugural voyage across the Gulf of Alaska, establishing a new, critical link between the ports of Tacoma and Anchorage. This year,... Full story


Crowley and Hilcorp Establish New Lifeline to Endicott, Alaska Drill Site

In the Prudhoe Bay oilfields, where about half a million barrels of oil is extracted each day, nature can be wild, unpredictable and uncooperative. One of the drilling sites, Endicott, is located on... Full story


Promise of the Arctic

The Promise of the Arctic Conference took place over two sunny days in Seattle last month. Produced by Pacific Maritime Magazine in partnership with the Institute of the North, the conference was well... Full story


Rainbow Warrior

As the Port of Seattle struggles to fulfill its mission to serve the taxpayers of King County by promoting maritime commerce, the Mayor of Seattle is fighting to prohibit maritime commerce at the... Full story

 By Peter Marsh    Features    June 1, 2015

Michele Foss: Foss Maritime's First Arctic Class Tug

The Michele Foss, the first of three 132-foot tugs being built at the Foss Rainier, Oregon Shipyard, was christened in April at the Foss Waterway Seaport in Tacoma, Washington. This new vessel is the... Full story

 By Jim Shaw    Features    June 1, 2015

Regional Report: The Columbia Gateway

The Columbia River System has seen two major events take place over the past few months, the inauguration of the nation's largest floating drydock at the Portland Shipyard and the loss of virtually al... Full story


Useful Idiots

There is some debate as to whether Russian Leader Vladimir Lenin actually used the term "useful idiots" to refer to communist sympathizers in the US, but there is no doubt that he said, "Give me just... Full story


Opinion: Inslee Should Mind His Own State

It was disappointing to see a recent letter from Washington State Governor Jay Inslee to Secretary Jewel protesting the federal government’s decision to open portions of the Arctic to oil and gas development and calling for a ban on further lease... Full story


Talk Talk

On page 6 this month (Pacific Maritime Magazine, April 2015) is the story of Japan’s Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) and its plans to build six 20,150-TEU container ships to operate between Asia and Europ... Full story


Promise of the Arctic 2015

For a start, the majority of ice that is melting is along the Northern Sea Route or Northeast Passage along the north coast of Russia, allowing shipping to take place primarily during the summer... Full story


113th Congress Addresses Arctic Maritime Transportation Needs

On December 18, 2014, President Obama signed into law the Howard Coble Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2014 (CGMTA). The Act authorized just over $8.7 billion in fiscal year 2015 appropriations for the Coast Guard, while reducing the... Full story


New Vessel Review: West Coast Players

2014 brought an interesting mix of new vessels to the West Coast, including ferries, pilot boats, tugs and barges. The fact that most of the vessels were built in Pacific Northwest yards to the... Full story


Above Board

The IMO’s Marine Protection and Environment Committee (MEPC) recently approved a draft Polar Code that applies to ships plying Arctic and Antarctic waters. The Code includes aspects such as design, construction, search-and-rescue and environmental... Full story


New Multi-Purpose Landing Craft for Bowhead

Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, located in Freeland, Washington, recently completed the Uŋalaq, a 150-foot landing craft for Bowhead Transport Company, located in Seattle, Washington. The Uŋalaq... Full story


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