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Ports of the Pacific

Over the past several years, much ado has been made about how the expansion of the Panama Canal affects business at the two largest seaports on the US West Coast – those in the Southern California... Full story


Trade with Hawaii

Although the combined population of the Hawaiian Islands is relatively small compared to most US states at about 1.5 million residents, the number has grown more than five percent since 2010, and is... Full story


Regional Report: Los Angeles and Long Beach

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach may be adjacent to one another, but being next-door neighbors doesn't mean that their economic fortunes are completely intertwined. This was certainly the case... Full story


Regional Report: San Francisco Bay Area

Like all businesses, the five seaports located in the San Francisco Bay Area – Oakland, San Francisco, Redwood City, Richmond and West Sacramento – have their ups and downs from time to time. But... Full story


Today's USCG

The tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001 were a terrible shock to the United States and the world, but they also served as a wakeup call regarding national security, as efforts by the US armed forces to... Full story


Bulk and Breakbulk

North America's West Coast may be the focal point of containerized cargo imported and exported to and from Asia, but when it comes to bulk and breakbulk cargo, the ports on the US Gulf and East... Full story


Hanjin Hardship

When South Korea-based container carrier Hanjin Shipping filed for bankruptcy protection in its home country in late August, it set off a chain of events that reverberated across the globe, including... Full story


Ocean and Coastal Towing: More Respect for Tug and Barge Operations

It's been said in the past that the towing industry plays second fiddle to the ship assist and escort sectors. And while that may have been true historically, it seems to be less and less the case... Full story


Ports of the Pacific

The majority of consumer goods that enter North America from Asia come through West Coast seaports. But according to an April 2016 report by Los Angeles-based commercial real estate services and inves... Full story


A New Carrier for Catalina Island

A new era in freight shipping in Southern California began recently as a new company, founded by three veterans of the maritime industry, has begun service between the Los Angeles area and Catalina... Full story


Hawaii's Shipping Services See an Upturn

Although low oil prices and a difficult political environment have caused components of Alaska's maritime industry to seek other avenues of wealth creation, the economic outlook in the other... Full story


Regional Report: LA/Long Beach

What a difference a year can make. Twelve months ago, the adjoining ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach were digging out of a backlog of cargo caused in part by a significant reduction in... Full story


Portland's 125-Year Anniversary

When the Port of Portland was founded in 1891, America had only 45 states, Hawaii was still ruled by a queen, and the detachable bicycle tire was a brand new invention. A lot has changed in the US... Full story


Regional Report: San Francisco Bay Area

The year isn't quite over yet, but 2015 was a time of ups and downs for the major ports in the San Francisco Bay area, with rises and falls occurring in traffic volumes, cruise passenger numbers and... Full story


Trade with Hawaii: Growth Marked by New Vessels Entering Hawaii Service

The 10 commercial ports that make up the Hawaii harbor system may never be ready to challenge the major ports on the Mainland as far as traffic volumes go, but they aren't exactly sitting idly by... Full story


West Coast Ports Join Forces

When the ports of Seattle and Tacoma announced last October that they were forming a strategic alliance under which they planned to unify the management of their marine cargo terminals and related... Full story


Regional Report: San Pedro Bay

Of all the various issues that the San Pedro Bay ports dealt with in 2014, perhaps the one that cast the biggest shadow – and caused the most headaches – was cargo congestion. The problem of backu... Full story


Bay Area Ports Offer Diversity and Cooperation

The five seaports in the San Francisco Bay Area may be overshadowed in the public eye by their two massive competitors in Southern California, but that doesn't mean they're inert or sitting idly by.... Full story


New Towing Winch Design

More than a decade ago, Seattle-based Western Towboat Co. purchased a new towing winch from another Seattle-based company, equipment developer Rapp Marine (formerly Rapp Hydema), for a new tugboat... Full story


Palmyra Shipwreck Removal

Even under the best of circumstances, shipwreck removal projects can be difficult undertakings, since there are all kinds of logistics issues that need to be dealt with. But when you add in other elem... Full story


Deck Machinery

When it comes to barges and tugboats, what makes for quality deck equipment? What are the attributes and features that make some types of winches, lines and affiliated equipment, as well as deck... Full story


Regional Report: Infrastructure Upgrades Abound at LA and Long Beach

It's very true that a seaport's location can play a significant role in how successful the port is and could become. However, another very important factor in that success is the level of quality... Full story


Al Larson Boat Shop: 110 Years and Going Strong

If longevity is the strongest measure of success for a business, then Al Larson Boat Shop is easily one of the most successful maritime businesses ever to operate in Southern California. The marine re... Full story


M-580: California's Marine Highway

For the better part of the past decade, California’s major seaports have sought ways to deal with the ever-growing problem of highway traffic congestion and the resulting increase in air pollution... Full story


Ports of LA and Long Beach Looking Toward the Future

Both the Los Angeles and Long Beach sides of America’s largest port complex had their share of significant and noteworthy events in 2002, from highs in monthly container volumes to first-time... Full story


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