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 By Peter Marsh    Features    August 1, 2017

Final Barge Launched at Zidell's Southwest Portland Shipyard

Last fall, Jay Zidell, president of Zidell Marine Corporation (ZMC), announced that the family-owned company would cease work at its SW Portland shipyard after the launch of the tank barge under...


Vancouver-Victoria Ferry Route Opened

In mid-May V2V Vacations, owned by Australia's Riverside Marine, launched an up-scale passenger-only ferry service between the Convention Centre dock in downtown Vancouver and the City of Victoria's... Full story


Lunch Box Opens New NYC Ferry Operation

NYC Ferry has begun its passenger-only operations in New York Harbor with the first of what will eventually be twenty, 26-meter catamarans capable of accommodating 119 passengers each. Designed by... Full story

 By John Betz    Features    July 1, 2017

Piloting Ships in Restricted Visibility

Maritime piloting is loosely defined as directing the movement of a ship within pilotage waters. This has traditionally been accomplished by frequently and continuously determining one's position... Full story

 By Peter Marsh    Features    July 1, 2017

Deck Machinery Review

Deck equipment delivered recently has included gear for tank barges, two brand new towing winch designs making their first appearance, a full domestic order book for Seattle-based tug winch builders... Full story

 By Peter Marsh    Features    June 1, 2017

Regional Report: Columbia River

After the wettest winter on record, the lower Columbia River has been in a high-water condition throughout the spring, but has avoided any significant flooding. However, there has also been a flood... Full story


Marine Construction

Marine construction projects are continuing along the West Coast, including several large infrastructure projects in Washington and California. Associated Underwater Services (AUS) has been involved i... Full story


What Ever Happened to States Line?

Outside of refrigerator ships few owners have been willing to paint a cargo ship white, but one West Coast company chose that color for a fleet of fast cargo liners that were doomed by the arrival of... Full story


Nichols Brothers Delivering Kirby Tugs

Whidbey Island-based Nichols Brothers Boat Builders has delivered the 120-foot by 35-foot tugboat Mount Baker to Kirby Offshore Marine as the first of two twin-screw tugs the yard is building for the... Full story


Ports of the Pacific

Over the past several years, much ado has been made about how the expansion of the Panama Canal affects business at the two largest seaports on the US West Coast – those in the Southern California... Full story

 By Kathy A. Smith    Features    May 1, 2017

Green Terminals

Ports around the Pacific Northwest have a variety of green projects on the go that help reduce port emissions and more. New technologies are continually being explored and tested in an effort to... Full story

 By Jim Shaw    Features    May 1, 2017

Could the Suez Canal be Closed Again?

The Suez Canal has been expanded significantly over the past half-century and can now accommodate all but the world's largest ships. However, it remains in a politically sensitive area and over the... Full story


Pacific Lutheran University Addresses Maritime Workforce

The maritime industry has long been recognized as a major contributor of living wage jobs and economic growth in Washington State (Washington State Cluster Economic Impact Study, 2013). One of the... Full story


West Coast's Most Powerful Crane Barge

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Dynamic Heavy Lift Ltd expects to have its crane barge Dynamic Beast in operation this month following the arrival of a 900-ton capacity Manitowoc M-1200 crane from South Korea and a 330-foot by 120-foot deck barge... Full story


Stable Tax Policies, Balanced Fiscal Plan Will Keep Alaska Strong

Alaska is at a tipping point, and Alaskans have a choice to make: either keep Alaska competitive and fix our fiscal crisis or continue down a path that ends in a failed economy. The KEEP Alaska Competitive Coalition, a broad-based group of Native... Full story


Earl W Redd: Harley Marine's New Tier 4 Tug

Portland, Oregon-based Diversified Marine has delivered the new 120-foot tractor tug Earl W Redd to Seattle-based Harley Marine, for use within its Olympic Tug & Barge division. The Earl W Redd... Full story


Trade with Hawaii

Although the combined population of the Hawaiian Islands is relatively small compared to most US states at about 1.5 million residents, the number has grown more than five percent since 2010, and is... Full story


Trade with Alaska

Alaska's fortunes have fallen with the price of oil, and the ongoing financial woes have set the state on a course for drastic measures to forestall a rapidly approaching budget shortage.... Full story


Who is Driving the Ship?

I attended the annual LNG Symposium sponsored by Pacific Maritime Magazine with every intention of writing an article on the status of marine LNG. The Symposium offered its usual array of industry... Full story

 By Peter Marsh    Features    March 1, 2017

Full Speed Ahead!

Shipyards and boatyards in the Pacific Northwest launched many notable vessels in 2016, and the order books for 2017 show a continued demand for more of these technical projects from complex tank barg... Full story


Regional Report: Los Angeles and Long Beach

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach may be adjacent to one another, but being next-door neighbors doesn't mean that their economic fortunes are completely intertwined. This was certainly the case... Full story


All-Electric: The Future of Ferry Propulsion

Operational costs, environmentally-friendly solutions, and EPA-regulations are all important factors in the future of ferry propulsion. Double-ended ferries carrying passengers and vehicles across... Full story


Cruise Lines Rush to Use New Panama Canal Locks

Due to passenger demand and the larger size of their vessels, cruise lines have been lining up to make use of the new Panama Canal locks. Princess Cruises plans to send its 3,080-passenger Caribbean... Full story


Nichols Delivers Versatile Ferry to American Samoa

Nichols Brothers Boatbuilders of Whidbey Island, Washington was contracted by the Government of American Samoa to build the M/V Manu'atele, a 140-foot multi-purpose inter-island ferry to operate... Full story

 By Jim Shaw    Features    February 1, 2017

The Continuing Search for Cleaner Propulsion

Ship operators are continuing to search for cleaner and cheaper propulsion as environmental regulations tighten and fuel prices rise. To date, the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been one... Full story


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