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What Were They Thinking?

Sometimes when researching a topic for my column, I come across a case that makes me question the thought processes of the person who brought it and his lawyer. To start the new year, following are a few recently discovered cases in which the... Full story


Admiralty Jurisdiction – What Does That Mean?

Most law students find the study of jurisdiction to be rather boring. Those who later choose to practice admiralty law will find the subject to be a challenge, and an important threshold issue in a... Full story


A Bridge Too Near

Millions of people drive on bridges spanning the navigable waters of the United States every day. While doing so, most probably don’t consider the law applicable to the bridge and the vessels... Full story

 By Marilyn Raia    Features    July 1, 2013

Safe Berth Warranty Revisited

A recent decision from the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, In Re Petition of Frescati Shipping Company, Ltd., 2013 WL 2099746 (2013) should be of interest, if not concern, to many in the maritime... Full story

 By Marilyn Raia    Features    May 1, 2013

Not So Fast

The propulsion issue of this magazine is a good place to examine the law pertaining to vessel speed. A vessel’s speed may be governed by federal, state and/or local law depending on where the... Full story

 By Marilyn Raia    Features    March 1, 2013

A Vessel Defined

Everyone in the maritime industry knows what a vessel is. Or, maybe not. Recently, the United States Supreme Court provided some guidance on what is a vessel and what is not a vessel. The Statutory... Full story


Some Enlightenment on Vessel Lighting

Lights on an automobile give information to the driver about what is on the road ahead. Lights on a vessel give no information to the vessel operator. Rather, lights on a vessel give information to others about the vessel’s course and characteristi... Full story


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